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Cracking the Conversation Crisis – 6 steps to quality communication

How many conversations will you have today? You’ll probably attend at least one meeting, drink a coffee with a friend, make a few phone calls and maybe interview a new team member.

Conversations are important, good conversations lead to good outcomes: perhaps a sale, a new idea, a frustration shared. Yet we seem to be valuing face to face contact less, in favour of screen based missives. As Jim Brown puts it,

‘Technology is creating a society with relationships a mile wide but an inch deep’.

What Makes Them Tick?

Psychologists now agree that our personalities are hard wired by the time we are just four years old!
Strength Deployment Inventory
This may sound ridiculous but if we compare two young siblings, with the same parents and a very similar upbringing, the chances are that they will have quite different personalities. One may be outgoing and gregarious while the other is reserved and prefers to read a good book. One might be cautious while the other embraces risk. One might be competitive while the other prefers to collaborate. Despite coming from the same home, siblings rarely share the same core motivations.

Why trusting your team drives results

For the ultimate exercise in developing trust, take your team out on the blindfolded 4×4 challenge for an experience that will never be forgotten.

Learn how to trust your colleagues!

Learn how to trust your colleagues!

Trust is something that is usually earned rather than gifted and without trust within the workings of a business, communication can become flawed, direction can be lost and ultimately the company can suffer as a result. Our blindfolded 4×4 challenge develops trust amongst colleagues. And it’s a real laugh too!…

What can we learn from sports teams?

Regardless of the team’s level – youth, high school, college, or the pros – players need to be consistently motivated to be successful, even winning teams.

Spain celebrating World Cup Win

How will Spain motivate themselves for the next tournament?

Teams that are not motivated are flat and, unless they can totally overpower their opponent, unlikely to succeed. Motivation is giving players a reason to perform to the best of their ability to achieve team goals. This responsibility falls on the coach and the players. It takes a team effort to be mentally and physically prepared to play and to maintain a level of interest that puts your team in a position to win.

Try these four ways to motivate your players:…

Fresh or Foolish? – A motivated workforce the Ricardo Semler way

The idea that staff set their own pay, come and go from the office as they please, all within a business that has no written strategy sounds like a recipe for disaster. Not the story of a company that’s gone from $4m to $160m.

Ricardo Semler

Is this man a management genius?

Semco is no ordinary workplace, despite the fact that it operates in an industry as ordinary as engineering….

Learning a lesson from TV land

If I think back to when I’ve seen people most stressed in my working life, the majority of instances were immediately before and during conferences.

If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs...

If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs...

Very often it’s not the speakers who’s nerves are showing or the AV technicians that are flustered, its the conference organiser.  These people know they are in the firing line if the lights go out or the timmings go aray.  They can often be heard to say “My job is on the line if this isn’t a success”.  Leaving unfair dismissal to one side the truth is there is little benefit in allowing the strain to show.

Earlier this week I was part of a live TV show in which the decision was made to rebuild the set 45 minutes before going on air, while rehearsals were still underway and the lighting and camera angles were far from set up.  Additionally the script was being adapted requiring changes to the autocue and the need to re-brief the presenter and guests….

Do teams work?

It’s generally accepted that team based working is preferable to individuals serving a single line manager, but what evidence supports this?

Sometimes being in a team can be very helpful.

Sometimes being in a team can be very helpful.

Team based working gained popularity during the late 80s and 90s following initiatives such as kaizen and Total Quality Management. All too often we simply accept that the team way is the right way, but perhaps we should spend a moment testing this assumption.

Firstly, it’s worth considering different kinds of teams that can exist within an organisation;…


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