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So you want to work at Apple

While researching how to retain innovation, energy and culture for a fast growing client we stumbled across this recruitment film by Apple.  It’s a fascinating insight into a business which constantly strives to improve.

A few sound bites:

“Thinking outside the box, it’s funny we don’t really think about the box”

“One of the unique things about Apple is the level of cross collaboration between groups”

“The difference between a good product and a great product is attention to detail”

Can a Robot do your Job?

For years robots have been building cars and assembling televisions.  In fact the first robot was designed by Leonardo Da Vinci as far back as 1515.  More recently in his June 2013 TED Talk, Andrew McAfee suggests that within a few years droids will take the majority of our jobs.

If you thought premiership footballers were daft, think again.

Despite the enormous advances made in technology this century, the assumption that every home will soon have it’s own robotic servant is not as likely as we might expect. …

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