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Leadership Programmes

Leadership requires vision, empathy, a willingness to delegate and most of all confidence. Our practical leadership programmes creates space for leaders to make mistakes and to exceed their own expectations.

Whereas a book might tell how others do it, experiential training shows how you do it. Once we know how we lead well and where we are weak we can begin to develop the skills and attitudes required to be a more effective and inspiring leader.

The use of practical exercises allows participants not just to take part but also to learn by observing others. When this is coupled with the use of coaching techniques to feedback those observations the impact is phenomenal.

Example Leadership Programme

First Leaders – an opportunity for new and future leaders to explore their suitability to direct and develop their own teams. We observe participants leading practical exercises and use proven psychometrics to support our feedback. Importantly we don’t believe there’s a single recipe that makes a great leader, part of our role is to identify the individual’s strengths and guide them towards the type of leadership role in which they will thrive. Click here to read our blogs on 10 Styles of Leadership.

Leading the Way – each organisation aspires to create a unique culture that will enable it to thrive in its particular sector. We help to turn values statements from aspirations to reality by equipping your leaders to model and inspire the behaviours you want to see across the organisation.

Beyond Success – a 2 day rural retreat for established entrepreneurs and corporate leaders who have attained significant professional goals and now want space and support as they consider what comes next.