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Ewe and I make a great team…

May 21, 2014

A run through the countryside demonstrated how a group can quickly become a team when faced with an unexpected challenge.

Ewe and I Team Building

Two ewes and four lambs were out of their field and roaming the woods on a local running route, so we responsibly set about coaxing them back through the gate to the rest of their flock. Only a video could do justice to the comedy value of a group waving, bahhing, heading off sheep and trying to behave like sheepdogs. However, on reflection, we went through the following team development process…

> Individuals’ attempts failed
> Individual roles were assigned
> A period of high intensity learning and improvement (sheep still out)
> Refined and improved techniques were implemented (moving more subtly)
> Team members played to strengths (blocking exit paths)
> Success (sheep back in field)

And were we proud of our sheep rescue? Ewe bet we were.

Teambuilding needn’t be restricted to a conference suite. If you would like to explore teambuilding activities in rural Hertfordshire with or without sheep just 30 minutes from Central London then give us a call.

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