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Domino Effect – a brand new team building exercise

October 22, 2012

A regular client approached us in September asking for a new team building challenge. 

The participants would be the top 50 managers of a leading food producer. The CEO wanted a novel, intense two hour event that couldn’t be spoilt by the weather, involved everyone, would work across functional boundaries and most importantly encourage cooperation.

Within 48 hours we had submitted three ideas for brand new, never-been-run-before activities. The Domino Effect won the vote as it powerfully demonstrates how a wrong move by one team member can disrupt the work of the whole organisation. Eight small teams were judged on their ingenuity, artistry and ability to incorporate the business’s products into their display of toppling dominoes. Alongside their team objectives, each display had to connect with two others creating a true ‘Domino Effect’ as a team’s final domino triggered the next team’s first.

In early October just a few weeks after the client’s first anxious call, the last domino fell in a display involving more than 7,000 brightly coloured dominos, numerous ramps, steps, drops and even biscuits!

Domino Effect is now available to all our customers for up to 200 participants. This event can take place virtually anywhere, indoors or out, in the UK or overseas.

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