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Custom Team Events

Tailored exercises created to meet your requirements.

Invariably, what suits one group is not right for another. We help our clients to make good choices by taking time to understand their:

  • Culture
  • Audience
  • Objectives
  • Timings
  • Location

This understanding enables us to recommend and design brand new activities to cater to their needs.

We’ve worked for teams of 6 to 600, in offices and on beaches, across many days and timed to the second. We’ve even contributed to live TV shows and incorporated clients’ products into activities.

Custom Team Event Examples

Fresh Tracks were asked to design and present a team building activity live on national television for Paul O’Grady, the boy band JLS and Michael Palin. So that is what we did! Please watch and enjoy.

The Domino Effect team building event gets teams working together to create an amazing finish. Contact us to find out more.

If you think you’ve got the impossible brief we’d love to hear it, solving the impossible is the part of our work that gives us the greatest thrill and we don’t even charge for it!