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Are the Best Bosses Bores?

November 16, 2011

According to the numerous leadership books and management journals, the essence of being a boss is serious stuff. Add to this the need for discipline, diligence and determination and you’re in danger of being left with a pretty dull personality.

Are you a boring boss?

Is this the type of gift you would give to your staff?

It seems to me that in many (not quite all) cases, the higher up the corporate food chain a manager rises the more dull they become, especially in social settings. Until that is, you ask them about their work. At that point this introverted party pooper suddenly comes to life talking about asset ratios, gearing, liquidity and other ‘enthralling’ subjects. The sad fact is, the stuff that really matters at work is as dull as ditch water outside our office. We put so much time, effort and intellect into getting it right 9 to 5 that we can easily loose the ability to communicate at evenings and weekends.

No matter how demanding our day job might be it’s essential to foster wider interests in subjects such as sport, history and the arts. This widens our thinking, promotes creativity and will probably make us more effective in our work, along with being able meaningfully to contribute to the conversation at a dinner party.

If you are thinking this isn’t you ask yourself when you last wandered through a museum, watched a play, read a historical novel or talked tactics with your sports team.

So before you chase after that next promotion, be sure you are not sacrificing your personality in the process.

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