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An opportunity to work for innovative team building company Fresh Tracks

June 4, 2010

Having spent two weeks working as an intern at Fresh Tracks in Hertfordshire, I can honestly say that no two days have been the same.

Lucy Maule at the Fresh Tracks office

Lucy settling in quickly to the Fresh Tracks office

Arriving just days after my final exams at the University of Exeter, I was dreading the idea of sitting behind a desk and plodding my way through mind-numbing admin in a dull, quiet office. How very wrong I was. Fresh Tracks is an innovative company committed to developing better working environments. Through unique and original team building events that range from quad biking to chocolate-making, Fresh Tracks organises bespoke events for companies and teams that need a bit of help on developing their working relationships.

The Fresh Tracks focus is entirely on having fun at work – after all it’s where most of us are going to spend a lot of our time for a good few years! The office, based just outside of Ware in Hertfordshire, has a brilliant, relaxed atmosphere; I felt enormously welcome as soon as I arrived (due largely to the ‘birthday bakery run’ made by Wendy, the company accountant – the Fresh Tracks policy is ‘if you have a birthday, you buy the cakes’).

My experiences in the last fortnight have ranged from formatting a business plan for company owner Dan Collins, who is embarking on an ecological building development project in Hertfordshire, to writing blogs, reviewing and editing Dan’s new book, and packing up boxes for the next ‘Chocolate Challenge’ (see the website – www.freshtracks.co.uk – for details!).

Working in such a relaxed environment, where jeans and flip flops are uniform and the company fish swim happily around their tank made for an enjoyable two weeks, and definitely helped me to get work done efficiently instead of feeling stressed and nervous in a tense environment (we’ve all been in that situation where you’re so terrified to break the office silence that you keep any questions to yourself and try and plough on regardless). Dan requires a high level of commitment and self-motivation on his team; there is plenty of energy within the office, and communication is high on the agenda.

Fresh Tracks are looking for an energetic and engaging individual to come and join the team for a bit of work experience. Willingness to get really stuck in to areas in which you are not necessarily an expert is a must; if you get something wrong, somebody will let you know and you’ll have a laugh and then get on with it. Despite the amazingly relaxed atmosphere in the office (which is an old converted mill), Dan expects hard work and a commitment to getting jobs done on time and to a high standard – the Monday Morning Meeting helps to ensure that everyone understands the coming week’s tasks, and gives the team a chance to share with each other a bit about what they’ve been up to.

Fresh Tracks is committed to ethical, responsible business and trust is a word you’ll hear around the office a lot. Overall, Fresh Tracks practices what it preaches, encouraging staff and customers alike to reach their potential through building healthy relationships, developing trust, and having fun.

If you’re interested in getting involved in some work experience with Fresh Tracks, send an email to jane.mole@varndev.co.uk with a bit of information about you, and the reason why you feel you’d excel as part of this team, including answers to these questions…

What is your proudest achievement?
What are you most passionate about?
How have you significantly contributed to a team in the past?

Please try and keep your email to around 300 words.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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