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The Century Challenge

100 challenges, 100 minutes and as many teams as you can muster. Teams race against the clock and one another to complete as many challenges as they can in 100 minutes. Challenges are categorised in zones:

Physical – sporting or physical challenges
Creative – artistic or creative challenges
Performance – dramatic or performance challenges
General Knowledge – testing your general knowledge
Puzzle – solving riddles, puzzles or clues

Key Points

  • Highly Competitive
  • Group size from 6 to 600
  • Negotiation, teamwork, planning and prioritising
  • Fun money rewards for each challenge
  • Designed to suit analytical, creative and extrovert characters alike
  • Bonds people from across the organisation
  • Can be run inside, outside or both
  • Excellent for an evening team-building session


Activities include:

  • Creative and analytical problem solving
  • Construction tasks
  • Sporting and dramatic performance
  • Calculating risk versus reward. Each challenge has a different value

Sample Format

This event can be run throughout the year and works particularly well as an evening or late afternoon event.

16.00 – Teams are established and briefed

16.20 – The countdown begins. Music plays, bells signal time remaining and live scores are displayed

18.00 – A fog horn sounds to mark ‘time up’. Teams bank their remaining fun money and enjoy a drink while they await the final score.