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Pedal Power Grand Prix

Formula 1 teams can now change a set of wheels and refuel a car in under 2 seconds! Understandably motor racing teams are often singled out as epitomising outstanding teamwork. Our latest team building activity has been created to recreate this experience for any team.


This motorsport inspired team building activity is infinitely variable. It has potential to deliver so much more than just the fun of racing.

The programme can include:

  • Constructing and tuning of pedal karts
  • Design and decorate karts with team livery
  • Precision pit stops
  • Pitching to sponsors
  • Negotiating for resources
  • Agreeing team tactics
  • Coaching drivers
  • Analysing driver performance
  • Relay racing

We appreciate that each group is different, objectives vary and timescales can range from an hour to a day, we will therefore build a programme to suit you.

Key Points

  • Suits groups from 20 to 200
  • We can source suitable venues on your behalf
  • An area the size of a tennis court is ideal, either indoors or outside
  • Overcomes office hierarchies as natural skills come to the fore
  • Concludes with a podium finale
  • Karts are type approved for safe use by adults, helmets and protective clothing are also be provided.

Sample Format

– Arrivals to warm Danish pastries served with coffee, tea and fresh juices.

– Welcome briefing, split into teams, each team then spends 90 minutes constructing and qualifying with their pedal kart.

– Additional team members can be tasked with bidding for sponsorship to earn extra budget to invest in performance enhancements.

– Heats. 4 teams race for 12 laps, changing drivers after 3 laps.

– Pit stops. Teams must change drivers and wheels during races.

– Finals. The fastest teams compete head to head in a series of 10 lap sprints.

– Podium award ceremony for all outstanding contributions