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Paint Your Perfect Picture

Any number of small teams paint a small piece of artwork which later forms part of the ‘Big Picture’.

An impressive final product is the result of collaborative team work in this creative task. Small groups work on creating separate parts of a whole image, requiring communication, co-operation and the exchange of ideas.

Exercises focusing on communication and creativity set the scene. Teams need to negotiate in order to put the finished product together, using the materials available.

Key points

  • Highly Collaborative
  • Group size from 10 to 500
  • Teamwork, Planning, Cooperation, Communication, Openness and working to a common goal
  • No artistic expertise required
  • Bonds people from across the organisation
  • Can form part of a large conference or smaller away day

Activities include

  • Opening icebreaker demonstrating that everyone can learn to draw
  • Enlarging and transferring visual information
  • Openly sharing and collaborating with other teams
  • Assembling the finished images

Sample Format

This event can be run throughout the year and works particularly well as a half-day activity.

12.30 – Setup
Delegates break for lunch, the meeting room is set up for the activity

13.30 – Introduction
Introduction including individual drawing exercise

13.45 – Start
Teams are issued with the image they must recreate along with canvas and paints

15.15 – Finish
Completed canvases are arranged in sequence to create the ‘Big Picture’


Painting, sculpture, printing or mosaic can all be used to good effect.