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Logo Logistics

Get your team members to be the embodiment of your company logo or other motivational message. Using our giant grid, this event involves teams positioning themselves into pre-arranged places or working collaboratively on a grand scale to design and create the layout for your chosen image.

You receive a brilliant aerial photo of your giant logo – a great way to celebrate an anniversary, project completion or motivational conference.

Key Points

  • Participants are all vital parts of the finished image. It will only work when everyone is in place. Collaboratively they plan the structure, then take their place on the grid to demonstrate the phrase ‘many parts make a whole’.
  • Suits groups from 50 to 500+
  • Can take as little as 30 minutes (with pre-arranged grid places prepared in advance) to half day (participants plan and execute the whole task with guidance)
  • Suits any location with sufficient space; a site pre-visit will be required.


Activities include:

  • Choosing colours for the logo
  • Creating ways for people to make visual images
  • Finding places on the grid
  • Co-operation and collaboration between staff to ensure everyone is in place

Sample Format

This can be run as a half hour photo shoot or a half-day creative team building activity as detailed below

10.00 – Warm-up activity and team briefing, groups are assigned different parts of the logo to re-create.

10.30 – Teams work with event staff to ensure ideas will mesh together

11.45 – T-shirts and caps are distributed, everyone assembles on the giant grid for the photo shoot.

12.15 – Elevated photography specialist takes a series of photos of teams gathering, preparing and finally making the finished logo.