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Generous Giving

Values determine behaviour. If you want your team to behave well this activity is a powerful way to tap into their values and demonstrate that with ingenuity, courage and a worthy goal, teams can achieve extraordinary results.

Teams are given a £100 cash budget and told to come up with a way to distribute every pound in the most generous way possible.

Each team is filmed throughout and scored on the number of people positively impacted, the creativity of their idea and the impact their initiative has on the community.

Key Points

  • Explores the power of values based working
  • Group size from 6 to 60
  • Typically a half day exercise
  • Creativity, teamwork, planning and passion are required
  • Designed to gently provoke a deeper connection amongst team members
  • Bonds people from across the organisation
  • Gives back to the community


Activities include:

  • Sharing areas of personal interest and concern
  • Creative planning as a team
  • Research into local community and issues
  • Sourcing gifts, materials and resources
  • Making contact with recipients in an appropriate manner

Sample Format

This event can be run throughout the year in any urban location.

09.30 – Introductory exercise in which participants share their favourite charity and explain why this cause resonates with them.

10.00 – Teams take on the ‘Generous Giving’ challenge and spend one hour planning their strategy to give away £100 with maximum impact.

11.15 – Teams return, lunch is served while the observer’s films are edited

13.30 – Each team’s observer shares the recipients’ responses, aided by films taken throughout the activity. The most effective strategies are identified and a winning team chosen.