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Escape Room

Combining your teams’ wits to escape from a locked room is an appealing and effective activity. Unfortunately it’s not always possible to ship 100 conference delegates to a suitable permanent installation. Instead we bring the activity to you.

Key Points

  • Suits groups from 20 to 200
  • Highlights different strengths within teams
  • Encourages creativity under pressure
  • Fully mobile to suit most venues
  • Either indoors or outside
  • Overcomes office hierarchies as natural skills come to the fore


This fast paced team building activity forces teams to perform under pressure, combining a healthy dose of stress with plenty of laughter.

The programme can include:

  • Mathematical challenges
  • Physical tasks
  • Daring deeds
  • Races against the clock
  • Commercial exercises
  • Creative activities

We appreciate that each group is different, objectives vary and timescales can range from an hour to a day, we will therefore build a programme to suit you.

Sample Format

This event can be run as part of a full-day programme, as a stand alone event, or incorporated into your away-day or conference. To give you an idea of how it runs please see our sample format below:

  • Arrivals to warm Danish pastries served with coffee, tea and fresh juices
  • Welcome and introduction by client figure-head
  • Teams selected at random
  • Teams compete head to head on each 45 minute exercise, facing a different team each time
  • Mid-point break
  • Teams continue to compete head to head on each 45 minute exercise, facing a different team each time
  • Short performance review in teams
  • Final results and prizes