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Cooking up a Storm

For centuries people have eaten together to build relationships. In this team building activity, teams must first complete challenges, in order to acquire a diverse range of ingredients.

With a chef on hand to advise, each team must produce a single course, whilst collaborating with other teams to create an inspiring banquet.

Key Points

  • Draws out hidden talents in team members
  • Illustrates the importance of understanding the needs of others
  • Creates time for informal conversations
  • Appeals to all ages and fitness levels
  • Particularly suited to groups of less than 20
  • Leads to an outcome that everyone gets to experience

Sample Format

Our cooking team challenge allows participants to select a role that appeals to their strengths. Much like a restaurant kitchen the commis chef’s contribution is as important as any other team member. Similarly, it’s vital that all contributions come together in time for ‘service’.

This event works well during the afternoon but can be condensed to fit into the slot between 5pm and dinner.

15.00 – Introduction and Culinary Quiz.

15.15 – Teams are assigned the course they must prepare and issued with a list of ingredients and the challenges they must complete to acquire each ingredient.

15.30 – Ideally following discussion with other teams, each team decides on the dish they will create for all to enjoy.

15.45 – Teams solve conundrums and take part in physical challenges to win the ingredients they require.

16.30 – Food preparation commences.

19.00 – Dinner is served!