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Business Bake Off Challenge

Following the success of our Breaking Bread activity, we’ve developed a ‘bake off’ style event with a competitive edge! Teams are challenged to create the best soups, breads, smoothies and canapés.

This team building activity encourages groups to explore the similarities between building teams and creating tastes that work. Questions are raised along the way such as ‘What ‘ingredients’ does a team need to be a success?’ This activity is suited to groups that want a competitive challenge and want to explore the factors that combine to make an effective team. The programme is led by experienced business facilitators who will ensure the attendees get far more from the process than simply learning to cook.

Key Points

  • Suits groups from 20 to 100
  • No previous cooking experience required
  • We can source suitable venues on your behalf
  • Teams work together to create harmonious menus
  • Overcomes office hierarchies as natural skills come to the fore
  • Concludes with a shared lunch finale


Scores are awarded for ‘foodie’ knowledge in the four different food zones. We encourage teams to consider the parallels of bringing the right ingredients together to create a tasty dish, alongside the components that make a successful team.

The event concludes with teams sampling and sharing the food they’ve created – something families have done together for generations, thus underscoring the values of collaboration and team work.

Sample Format

This event can be run as half day – Morning to lunch, or afternoon to dinner. To give you an idea of how it runs please see our timings below:

10.00 – Arrivals
Warm Danish pastries served with coffee, tea and fresh juices

10.30 – Welcome briefing
Split into 4 teams, each team then spends 60 minutes at each of the four food zones:

  • Soup Zone – Principles of soup making, followed by create your own unique flavour, to be judged over lunch
  • Bread Zone – Working in twos and threes we transform simple ingredients into delicious focaccia
  • Drink Zone – We introduce the principles of wine tasting before creating cocktails and smoothies
  • Canapé zone – Teams create imaginative canapés using ingredients sourced from around the world

14.30 – Lunch
Soup are sampled and scored. Tear and share focaccia with canapés are enjoyed. Accompanied by a variety of spring waters, smoothies and wines