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Bike Building

Do you remember receiving a bike as a gift? It is a wonderful and memorable occasion. You can now build teams at your next event by building bikes, which will then be given to underprivileged children.

Key Points

  • Suits groups from 20 to 200
  • Strong CSR message
  • Overcomes silo working through collaboration
  • We can source suitable venues on your behalf
  • Either indoors or outside
  • Overcomes office hierarchies as natural skills come to the fore


This community focused team building activity focuses the hearts and minds of participants as they create bikes for disadvantaged young people.

The programme can include:

  • Additional challenges to acquire bike parts
  • Constructing and tuning of bikes
  • Design and decorate bikes
  • Negotiating and exchanging tools and components
  • Agreeing team tactics

We appreciate that each group is different, objectives vary and timescales can range from an hour to a day, we will therefore build a programme to suit you.

Sample Format

This event can be run as part of a full-day programme, as a stand alone event, or incorporated into your away-day or conference. To give you an idea of how it runs please see our sample format below:

  • Arrivals to warm Danish pastries served with coffee, tea and fresh juices
  • Welcome and introduction by client figure-head
  • Optional motivational speech by Olympic or Paralympic Cyclist
  • Teams issued with their kits
  • Participants exchange components
  • Teams assemble, polish and customise their bikes
  • Teams parade their finished bikes
  • Optional presentation to recipient children