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A Gadget to Enhance your Memory

December 5, 2011

With the season of goodwill and gadgets to all men approaching, we thought it would be fun to insert a gadget review into our blog.

Unlike the typewriter, the book and the keyboard, today’s technical advances don’t seem to be threatening the humble pen. We might not use it so much these days but most of us would still rather take a note pad and pen into a meeting than rely on cumbersome technology. The pen’s only limitation isn’t battery life or even ink – it’s the user’s ability to make accurate and legible notes that both summarise the key points whilst also providing a reliable record of events that can be referred back to for clarification on what was discussed and agreed.

Increasingly this need to record exactly what is said is important and the gadget we want to highlight here has brought together the simplicity of the pen with the sophistication of the Dictaphone, enabling every word to be recorded alongside your notes.

The real genius of the Livescribe Pulse and Echo Smartpens is not simply their ability to record but the fact that each recording is linked to the written notes taken at the time. So if, after the meeting, you want to be absolutely clear about what each participant said about item 4 on the agenda you simply scan the notes made at the time and listen back to the recording from that part of the meeting.

We’ve been using it for 18 months and have backed up all important recordings and note pages to our PCs so that we can easily review past meetings without having to flick through pages of notes.

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