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7 Lessons in Love

February 11, 2015

Relationships, whether at work or at home are not always easy. As the young man in this clip shows we shouldn’t give up at the first knock back.

Partnerships are powerful, they enable individuals to achieve extraordinary things. Good partnerships take persistence, the journey is rarely short. Here are some of the milestones:

1. Understand what the other wants, self-interest undermines trust. Build trust by openly sharing your goals, values and motives.
2. Identify characteristics that you admire and respect in one another.
3. Share a common purpose.
4. Think and talk long term, it makes the inevitable ups and downs easier to deal with.
5. Be transparent.
6. Offer solutions and ideas, not problems.
7. Admit when you are wrong, welcome feedback.

Whether you apply this to a business partnership, joint venture, team or a marriage the principles hold true. In the same way that the children in the video have some learning to do, so do we. Invest in these relationships, a good return is guaranteed.

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