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5 Steps to Better Meetings

March 10, 2017

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Do you find that some meetings sap your energy, achieve little and leave you feeling frustrated? It shouldn’t be this way. Why is it we can sit still for two hours watching a play or movie and be fully engaged yet find a 1 hour meeting tedious? Try these steps for better meetings.

1. Don’t lose the plot, create it!
Why not steal from screen writers and build some suspense into your next meeting? If there’s a reason to meet there’s your plot, undoubtedly there will be characters to consider and don’t be afraid to build in some controversy.

2. Don’t meet
Challenge why a meeting is scheduled and if at all possible avoid having it at all. Better still introduce meeting free days during the week.

3. Get moving
Some of the best meetings can be held standing up or walking about. Location can be very powerful in creating the right mood, if the meeting matters mark the occasion with a memorable place. Maybe a pub, park or playroom.

4. Energise
Use icebreakers, media and energising exercises to stimulate creativity and simulate project behaviour. Just ask and we will send you some examples.

5. Time is your friend
Rather than wrestling time work with it. Start dead on time, finish early. NEVER wait for latecomers and include meeting guidelines on a printed and timed agenda.

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