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3 Things that will get your team off to a strong start in 2011

January 10, 2011

In 2011, as financial restrictions begin to bite, it is going to be vital for organisations to optimise their resources. And surely any organisation’s most valuable resource is its staff.

Motivated team

Make sure you get your team off to a strong start in 2011

In these leaner times it is going to be increasingly important to draw a distinction between financial capital and human capital. Whilst there’s little doubt that finances are restricted, now is not the time to constrain your people. In fact this climate of change offers the perfect opportunity to unleash new talent within your organisation, encourage innovation and allow the next generation of leaders to identify themselves.

The trouble is that many people are feeling so beaten up by the combination of exhausting workloads and fear of redundancy that they are losing their drive and confidence to take a risk and step up to the challenge this year may reveal. So everyone – and leaders in particular – will need to focus on motivating the team to ensure that staff start 2011 determined to give their best.

To help with this here are 3 things that will get 2011 off to a strong start:

  • Spell out your vision for the team, be clear about the difference they make in the world and the reasons they should be proud.
  • Have lunch with each of your direct reports at the start of the year to hear their hopes and dreams.
  • Develop yourselves as a group, spend time finding out what makes each of you tick.


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